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At Bee Safe we work like busy bees to provide a comprehensive test and tag service in Adelaide. You may not realise but testing and tagging is a crucial step for any business. It is an important factor in ensuring your business adheres to the law by providing a safe working environment for every employee. Electrical safety does not discriminate and is vital in every industry, whether it’s a factory, office, retail store or construction site. For those unaware of the legal ramifications, under the SA OHS&W Act 1986, employers are required to provide a safe working environment for each employee. In 1995, the act was updated to include regulations about regular testing of RCD’s in accordance with AS/NZS 3760. Therefore, all businesses across South Australia must undertake regular testing and tagging. If you need further encouragement, take a look at the figures. Did you know that 10 per cent of appliances fail in the first round of testing? What is more disturbing is, most of these appliances have the potential to kill. Being proactive and investing in a regular testing and tagging service in Adelaide is the only way to ensure safety. At BeeSafe, we are committed to ensuring your workplace is safe. We work with your business to improve your electrical safety standards and assist you to achieve legal requirements. By investing in test & tag in Adelaide, you will minimize electrical risks to people at your workplace. Our qualified test and tag technicians undertake a through inspection of your electrical appliances. They use advanced appliance testing instrument to test for hidden electrical faults. We tag every piece of equipment and attach a unique barcode to each. Once your appliances have been tested, we provide you with a thorough risk assessment report. This occurs at regular intervals to ensure your electrical appliances are always functioning adequately.

Why is test and tag essential in Adelaide?

    • Ensure every person who enters your workplace is safe including staff and customers.
    • Avoid legal implications by operating within the legislation.
    • Comply with your insurance plan and keep insurance premiums low.
    • Keep track of your electrical assets.

Ensure your workplace is safe and meets legislation by calling our professional team at Bee Safe Test and Tag in Adelaide. For more information phone our friendly staff today on 0415 837 833.

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